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New Law for Roofer's and homeowners
IT'S Not To Late
Dealing with Your Insurance Company
Insurance Policy


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New Law for Roofer's and homeowners

Hi All It has been a exciting summer,some hail and wind so if you have not had your roof checked by a roofer then give me a call and I will be glad to look at it for you( at no cost ).
  As June 6,2012 Governor Hickenlooper signed into law CRA SB38, This Statute also Requires that the written contract must include Provisions
1. stating that the roofing contractor shall hold in trust any payment from the property owner until the roofing contractor has delivered materials or has performed a majority of the work


Have you been turned down by your insurance company for roof replacement,did you have a roofing expert at the adjuster meeting to inspect your damage to your roof. If this has happened to you or someone you know give me a call at 303-319-9030 I can Help.What we do is put in for a reinspect that the homeowner is entitled to. We set this up for you and meet the adjuster at the home and help them to determined the amount of damage to your property. Don't just give up we need to stand up to the Big insurance company and force them to do what is right.

IT'S Not To Late

       Well the season is winding down and snow is on the way,but don't let that stop you from having your roof looked at. As a matter of fact now is the time that you want someone to look at your roof. You don't want just anyone, you want a trained professional  from Maximus Roofing looking at your roof.
     We will come to your home and climb on to your roof and give you a honest evaluation of your roof, we look at all parts on the roof as well as the shingles.

Dealing with Your Insurance Company

When you are dealing with your insurance company, you must understand that they are in business to make money, not necessarily to pay money out to help you.
Insurance is based on risk, they are taking the risk that you will not have anything happen to your home to cost them money.  When you do have a claim that will cost them money, it is their position to dispute that claim.
For instance if 100 people file a claim, it is the insurance company's position to deny all 100 claims, knowing full well that only about 10% will call back, which is the customer's right under insurance law, to dispute the insurance denial for full replacement.

Insurance Policy

What you need to look for on your insurance policy before you contact a contractor about your roof replacement.
  1. Locate and review your insurance policy.
  2. Verify your deductible.
  3. Contact your agent and update your policy.
  4. Make sure when talking to you agent that your policy has CODE UPGRADE, this will save you money in the event that your roof has to be built to NEW code.
  5. If your policy has a 1% or 2% value deductible, contact your agent and REMOVE this, it means that your deductible is 1% of your home value, try to get your deductible at a set dollar amount, I.
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